Bag House Filtration

The fumes are drawn through the bags from outside and a layer of dust accumulates on the filter media and clean air is filtered out from inside. When a sufficient differential pressure occurs the cleaning  process begins. There are two types of Bag House, ON-Line System & OFF-Line System.


Enviro-Treat provides excellent quality non woven double stitched Snap-Type Filter Bags that ensures better durability and performance.

1 Polyester Based PTFE membrane     

2 Acrylic Filter Bag     

3  Nomex Filter Bag   

4 Glass Fiber Bag, etc.   

5 No-Micron Porosity Bag  

6 Cartridge Filters 12 Special Filters for Ferro-Alloy Plant 

7 Silicon Treated EGG Cell Finished

8 Anti-static Filter Bag

9 Ryton Filter Bag

10 Bag for Rough & Oily Scrap

 11 Low, Medium, High GSM Filters