Secondary Fume

This type of suction is generally applied during Induction Furnace tilting and pouring operation or where there is enough gaseous smoke in the Industrial Workshop,where white smoke travel upward towards the Plant Shed ceiling with a velocity. This leads to unhealthy environment inside the Plant and working atmosphere,which cause jamming of gear box, affect the locomotion and mechanical performance of other devices & serious health issues to human beings.Thus, these gases are sucked via Suction Hoods planted on/above the Plant Sheds.Then these gases travel through the common header duct to Seperator devices and exhausted through Stack/Chimney. This type of Fume Extraction System is called Secondary Fume Extraction System.
A Primary and a Secondary Fume Extraction System installed together to provide 99.9% Clean and Healthy Atmosphere for the Industry,and thereby the total Air Pollution Caused by the Industry is Controlled.

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