About Us

Enviro Treat Engineers Pvt. Ltd. , established since 1998 and the registered head office is located in Kolkata, India.             

We are the leading manufacturer for Air Pollution Control System and Dust Handling Equipments sparked-out in the country and throughout the world. The latest art of technology contributes in industries since 1998, banking our Air Pollution Control Design Experts & Capital of Experience we gathered since 1990s.

We made our presence sensed across several countries and our major contribution in the field of Steel Melting Shop, Foundry, Ferro Alloy Melting Shop, Non-Ferrous Melting Shop, Cement Industries, etc. our engineers are well trained to provide their best effort and contribution in these regards to the industries, surging forward with spirits held high by controlling Air Pollution and promote Green Environment.

In domestic and global market, our honest effort and latest Art of Technology has become well accepted,  as a result, we have been energised to bring to our quality in other step ahead.